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Money, more money and even more money. Just a few words to sum up what being an adult is all about. It seems like at every point in time, there is always something that demands that an expense be made. Whether it is the power or water bills that has to be paid or maybe it is school fees for the kids that needs settling; the amount of things jostling for the attention of your income stream are almost endless. The problem with this constant need to meet up with expenses is that often times, the combined sum of these expenses often outweigh what you can afford to spend at any given time.

When situations like this arise, it is only natural that you seek a support system to help you get by. Lucky for you, we are here just for you.


We are 96 Credit – a licensed money lender in Singapore- who do not like to see people backed into tight corners, financially speaking. In order to ensure that you can always fund your expense needs and still have more than enough to both feed and purchase a few choice luxury items you desire; we provide financial help through cash loans with unbeatable ridiculously low interest rates that you would find really appealing.

We are a licensed moneylender in Singapore that are registered with the Ministry of Law in Singapore. We offer cash loan in Singapore to those who are in need of it and provide a flexible repayment scheme to ensure that the loan taking process does not over burden you when it is time to pay back the amount borrowed. This means that you can conveniently go about your daily business without having to carry around the emotional load of worrying over how to repay us.

You must understand that we value you highly as a customer. We know that taking a loan is a big step and we understand that you want the process to be easy and efficient. To guide you through this process, we have professional and friendly loan officers who are highly competent in customer service relations. They will guide you through the steps that you need to pass through in order to obtain a cash loan from us and will answer all your questions with as much detailed explanation as they can provide.

To further highlight why you should work with us for your cash loan solution needs, note that we have very high approval rates and we will not evaluate your credit score when you want to take a cash loan with us. No matter what the kind of loan or the amount of loan that you require from us, we will not require you to provide any of your valuables as collateral nor we will ask you to deposit any amount with us or even demand that you bring guarantors so that you can receive a cash loan from our reputable establishment.

Because of the varied nature of financial needs that any individual might have, 96 Credit has stratified the loaning system we have so that you can access the best possible benefits from each loan plan. To this end, the cash loan services that we provide include:

  • Personal loans: These are the most commonly taken loans and repayment options provided are weekly, biweekly or a payday loan option plan (in which the repayment period is structured to be for a month). Personal loans also include a provision for borrowers who have legal proof of living and working in Singapore. This means that any borrowers who resides and or works in Singapore will have access to the massive loan benefits that we offer! borrowers looking to take a loan are required to have worked in Singapore for at least 6 months with no history of what we call a “bad debt” or late payment with other moneylenders. We offer monthly repayment plans of up to 6 months.
  • Business loans: The official banking system can be very unfriendly for people looking to take up loans yet at any given point, you may have need to either inject some cash into a business in order to expand it or you may need some money to start a new business. We provide special business loans for either category of people to help support their businesses. It is a more technical kind of loan with additional requirements in terms of documents required and even processing time.
As far as the loan processing is concerned, we value your time very much and have an average approval time of 5 minutes from filling out a loan form application request to your receipt of a cash loan.

Our friendly, experienced and highly professional loan officers will guide you through the loan form filling process. Just make them aware of the kind of loan and the amount that you are interested in receiving as well as other details such as the clearance questions they will ask you. Depending on your income, they will also need to verify that you are eligible for the amount of loan that you wish to take out. Once everything is in order, you will sign a contract and receive your cash loan after.
The eligibility criteria and the documents that you will be required to bring in order to take a loan with us include:

  • Eligibility for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents: 18 Years old and above, Bring along NRIC and Singpass

  • Eligibility for Foreigners: 18 Years old and above, must be working and residing in Singapore

  • Foreigner documents to bring: Passport, proof of employment (Work permit, E-pass, S-pass, other proof of employment), proof of Income (such as the latest 3 months’ Payslip), proof of residency (tenancy agreement or bills addressed to applicant)
Our interest rates are an enviable 4% per month (48% per annum) and all interest calculations will typically be included in your contract after your loan officer would have explained it to you.

With such wonderful interest rates and high approval rates, 96 Credit is the licensed money lender in Singapore that you can trust!


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We are 96 Credit – a licensed money lender in Singapore- who do not like to see people backed into tight corners, financially speaking. We provide financial help through cash loans.

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