Loans For Bad Credit Can Help You Get A Better Credit Score

Middle aged woman counting multiple debts with pen and calculator at home, wondering if loans for bad credit would help her

A bad credit score affects your creditworthiness and makes it difficult for you to get loans legally. To fix this, you can obtain a bad credit loan in Singapore and work on converting your poor credit score into a good one. Among all the legal loan providers available in the market, licensed money lenders are […]

Is It Wise To Take An Urgent Loan Under Financial Stress?

Man looking at mounting bills and debts, wondering if it’s a good idea to take an urgent loan under financial stress

Worried about money? You are not alone. Regardless of whether you’re concerned about paying rent, a loved one’s unexpected medical bill, or are currently bogged down by debt, anyone and everyone can experience financial stress at some point in their lives. Truth be told, money is a common stress source for adults who have plenty […]

How To Choose The Right Money Lender For Your Personal Loans?

Asian lady researching online and taking down notes in her notebook on choosing the right money lender for her personal loan needs

There are plenty of money lenders in Singapore, but how does one go about choosing the right money lender when applying for personal loans? It may be difficult but not impossible. While the choices are aplenty, taking the time to research and pick the right money lender goes a long way in making your personal […]

Marriage & Money – All You Need to Know About Shared Finances

Happy couple smiling at female executive in office as she hands a key to the woman

Money matters weigh heavily on most Singaporean’s minds. Yet, we are happy to ignore them until absolutely necessary. That’s an unhealthy way to approach your finances as an individual and it can be catastrophic to a marriage. Whether you are about to get hitched and need a wedding loan, are a newlywed couple, or have […]

Urgent Cash Loan Singapore — Your Pros And Cons Guide

Woman calculating and compiling multiple outstanding debts, considering if she should take an urgent cash loan in Singapore

You won’t have time to look for solutions when a financial emergency hits. Keep yourself prepared for the worst by knowing your loan options beforehand. The best of those options is an urgent loan.

In this blog post, we talk about the idea behind urgent cash loans and how you can qualify, as well as their pros and cons.

What’s The Best Personal Loan In Singapore For Your Needs?

'PERSONAL LOAN' written on a notebook beside laptop and coloured pencils in a glass tumbler

Everyone faces some degree of financial uncertainty in their lives, some more often than others. The most common solution for most of us is to obtain a personal loan in Singapore. This can be in the form of a casual arrangement with a friend or relative or a formal loan from a bank or licensed […]

6 Best Personal Finance Advice Everyone Should Follow

Happy family learning about top personal finance advice worth following

While financial problems can be devastating and worrying, they are not permanent if you have the know-how and discipline to get over these challenges with grace and tenacity. Below are some of the best personal finance advice and tips on owning your personal finance game. Read on and internalise them, pronto! 1. Get rid of […]

Unsecured Loan Singapore: How It Works, Types & Where To Get

Man holding a black board with the word ‘unsecured loan’, representing intention to get an unsecured loan in Singapore

In times of financial need, we may turn to taking loans to help us overcome various cash flow needs. A popular type of loan is unsecured loans. This includes personal loans, business loans and more.

Here, we will share with you everything you need to know about unsecured loans – read on to find out!

Can Housewives Obtain Personal Loans In Singapore?

Stressed housewife holding her head at kitchen counter worrying about whether she can qualify for a personal loan in Singapore

Homemakers (or housewives) are the backbone of any community but their efforts are seldom recognised beyond the household. Because of that, it can be very difficult for them to get a loan in Singapore.

If you are a homemaker with an amazing business idea or just need to clear some debt, read on to learn how to get a loan safely and quickly.