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Why We Are Your Preferred Moneylender In Eunos

With fast loan approval turnaround times of 30 minutes, our clients love how fast we turnaround loans.

Most people do not have the time to sit around and wait months for a loan to be approved.

Unlike traditional banks, our proprietary financial underwriting process allows for quick turnaround times.


Furthermore, traditional banks have floods of people waiting in line, making it a frustrating experience to wait in line just to get a loan.


How To Get Your Loan Approved By A Licensed Moneylender in Eunos

Simply prepare your income documents, along with your identity cards and a Credit Bureau Report.

These are just some of the basic documents that are needed to ensure that your loan gets approved smoothly.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose 96 Credit Pte Ltd in Eunos

No Pressure

We will understand your financial situation better before making sure you are a good fit for a loan. In certain cases, you do not need a loan. We will let you know. In other instances, a loan is required for you to help you achieve your goals. Either ways, we will let you know whether it is sensible for you to take up a loan. 

There is absolutely no obligation in taking up a loan with us and we will advise you accordingly.

Flexible Repayment Scheme

We have very comfortable flexible repayment schemes so you need not fluster on how to repay back your loan. 

Some loans can take up to 5 or even 10 years to repay back, which largely depends on the loan you are going for and the amount. To get a better idea, please click on the button below to apply for a loan now.

Very high approval rates

With high approval rates stemming more than 90%, it is highly unlikely that your loan will be rejected. Simply prepare the documentation required, and our loan officers will assess your loan eligibility.