Work Permit Loan

Singapore is a home away from home to many foreigners. A land of many opportunities with a friendly ecosystem and progressing at a more faster pace than most nearby countries. Little wonder why many foreigners come to this great city to have a feel of its unique hospitality and other opportunities it offers. The country is a peaceful abode for anyone that desires security and an average standard of living.

However, to avail yourself for many opportunities in this bubbling green city, and seize them as they come, you may need higher financial commitment as a foreigner. At a point, you might find it challenging to raise the necessary funds to finance specific projects. This is where you need help from a licensed money lender in Singapore. 96BM Credit is one of the top money lenders providing loans for foreigners holding work permit in Singapore. Our loans are flexible and ideal for any foreigner facing cash problems in the land.

What is a loan for work permit holders in Singapore?

A loan for work permit holders is foreigner loans that are designed for foreigners who work in Singapore and not meant for permanent residents of Singapore. Many foreigners move into the country with fewer funds that may not even sustain them till the next payday. During such visits, the inevitable may happen, and they may need some funds to settle expenses or travel to their country. Such loans come handy and faster than bank loans.

How our loans are different from bank loans

If you are searching for a foreigner loan, you might be tempted to think bank loans will be more secure, faster and better. However, that is not the case with us. At 96BM Credit, our lending process is quite different from the bank and easier to process. Banks loans aren’t easy to get, and most foreigners can attest that it takes more than enough time to gain approval and get the loan you applied for. Aside from this, bank loans for foreigners require some documentation and a rigorous background check that makes the entire process cumbersome for many foreigners in Singapore.

96BM Credit is here to lift such a burden off your shoulders. We are a licensed Singapore money lender that is committed in the business of helping foreigners with a work permit to gain access to foreigner loans quicker and faster. In just a few clicks, our fast and effective loan application process is guaranteed to give you your desired loan.

Gain access to foreigner loan in Singapore with the best interest rate

All applicants can choose from our various foreigner loan packages offered to work permit holders in Singapore. 96BM Credit is not just your regular loan company in Singapore. We take your financial problems as ours and help you obtain the loan you desire within a short time of receiving your application. All over Singapore, millions of foreigners trust us as the leading company for getting fast and secure loans. Apply for your loan today!