About Us


Largely known as Kampong Ubi, the Ubi estate also went by the name kampong Melayu. Being one of Singapore’s oldest Malay settlements, Kampong Ubi was a rather large village at the time, neighboring estates such as Geylang Sari and Eunos also functioned as a main trading place for the Malays from neighboring countries. Today, Ubi estate is mainly made up of industrial areas in its surroundings, with a small developed residential area. Largely surrounded by automotive related businesses ubi and kaki bukit estates are known to house numerous showrooms and workshops.   It is said that the Malay word Ubi refers to the Tapioca Plant, as Malay villagers grew small tapioca farms in the estate.

Wondering how you will get to our office? Worry no more. Our office is located at Blk 302 ubi ave 1. Taking the Downtown line, you’ll stop at Ubi station and take exit A and walk just 2 minutes to reach our office. Once you exit the station you’ll spot a Subway facing the MRT exit. Our office is located just beside Subway. Bus services that travel to Blk 302 include bus number 61, 63, 8, 63m, 65, 66, 66A, and 22.