Things To Know Before Applying For A Wedding Loan In Singapore

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Looking for a Wedding Loan in Singapore?

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We understand that your wedding is the most important occasion of your life.

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Why consider taking a wedding loan?

Most weddings usually cost a lot of money. However, if you plan your finances properly, it will allow you to not only pay back the loan with minimal interest, but even improve your credit rating score in the process.

Furthermore, you only get married once in your entire life.

So make it count.

Make it an enjoyable event where friends and family gather to celebrate the joyous occasion between you and your partner.

3 Things To Look Out For Before You Apply For Your Wedding Loan

By budgeting out the amount it would cost for your wedding, it ensures that you will be able to pay back the loan amount. 

If you have a stable paycheck that is coming in every single month, there would be no issue in paying back the loan.

Sitting down and having a discussion with your partner is important to align your expectations of the wedding. This would also justify the need for taking up a wedding loan. 

Documentation such as your latest 3 months of payslip and your identity card is required for the application of a loan. Additionally, if you combine the payslips of you and your partner, your loan quantum will naturally be higher as well.

Documents to be furnished for a wedding loan

  1. Your identity card
  2. Your proof of residence
  3. Your employment letter and your most recent 3 months payslip of your current employment
  4. Be able to sign into your Singpass

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Loans in Singapore

It could cost anywhere between $30,000 to $50,000, and in some instances even up to $100,000. It all largely depends on how lavish the wedding is.

The real question is, is it smart to spend lavishly for the one day in your life where you only get to celebrate with your friends and family in an entire lifetime?

It depends on your income. As a general guideline, it could be maximum 6 months of your monthly income.

It depends on your loan quantum. It could be anywhere between 1 to 4%.