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At 96 Credit, we communicate with our clients via WhatsApp to offer them a fuss-free, sensational experience.


Fast turnaround times using WhatsApp

Because of our commitment to fast turnaround times and quick response, our team at 96 Credit use a WhatsApp for Business account to respond to your messages.

You can ask us anything you like, and we will respond to you almost immediately.

In any case, most of our clients like how we communicate with them through WhatsApp. It’s the near-instant replies that really saves both parties a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Money Lenders in Singapore

96BM Credit Pte Ltd would be your best choice. We reply your message nearly as soon as we receive it!


It depends. However, at 96BM Credit Pte Ltd, we make it an effort to reply to your WhatsApp message within 30 minutes. Unless, we are away at lunch, of course!