Everything You Need To Know About Monthly Loans In Singapore

What exactly is a monthly loan in the Singapore context?

You arrived on this page because you are looking for monthly loans.

That is exactly what we offer.

With quick turnaround times of loan approval within 30 minutes, you’ll get your loan ready in no time.



What would make you a good fit for a monthly loan

If you are intending to pay back your loan on a monthly basis, monthly loans would be a good fit. 

Most salaried workers who receive their pay while working in Singapore would make them a great fit. Without a consistent salary, a monthly loan would not be a great fit.

Eligibility to be qualified for a monthly loan in Singapore

As long as you are above the age of 18 years old in Singapore, and also you have an annual income of more than $18,000, you have a high chance of your monthly loan being approved.


However, if you do not hit the criteria, it does not mean that your monthly loan will not be approved.


Most cases are approved by a case-by-case basis and your best bet is to click on the button below to apply for a monthly loan in Singapore.

Documents to be furnished for a monthly loan

  1. Your identity card
  2. Your proof of residence
  3. Your employment letter and your most recent 3 months payslip of your current employment
  4. Be able to sign into your Singpass

Frequently asked questions about monthly loans in Singapore

It depends. Depending on which moneylender you go for, it could vary between 1% all the way to 4%.

It is a stable way of repaying back your loan and it also reduces the interest rate of your loan.

By submitting all the documentation required for your loan, you will get your loan approved quickly.

It could be anywhere between 1% to 4% depending on which moneylender you go with.