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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Is It Easy To Get An Instant Online Loan In Singapore?

Looking for an instant online loan in Singapore with fast loan approval? You’ve come to the right place.

96bm Credit is a legal moneylender that provides convenient and seamless online loans. Receive your loan in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is send in your application and get your loan approved in under 20 minutes.

Start your online loan process with just a click of a button.

Get Your Instant Online Loan in Singapore Sorted in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Send in an online enquiry through the web form with your requirements and loan needs
  2. Our legal moneylender officer will be in contact with you within 15 minutes to schedule a same-day appointment
  3. Head down to our office and get a fast loan approval within 20 minutes.

Why Would You Need an Instant Online Loan in Singapore?

Sometimes we find ourselves in need of urgent cash due to unforeseen circumstances. Local banks may not be an option as they do not grant fast loan approvals and will usually take a few days for the loan to be disbursed, especially if you’re a new-to-bank customer who doesn’t yet have the specific type of account stipulated by the bank. On the other hand, a legal moneylender will be able to offer same-day loan approvals for your emergency needs.

Situations that require an instant online loan in Singapore:

  • Utility Bills
  • Rent
  • Holidays
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Home renovations
  • Wedding banquets

What Documentation Do You Need to Get Your Loan Approved?

To be eligible for an instant loan, you should be able to furnish your monthly income statements. If you require extra help, our legal moneylender officers are here to provide assistance to our clients regardless of their unique situations.

When visiting our office, do bring along your NRIC and income statements for a seamless loan approval process.

What Types of Loans Can Be Approved Through an Online Loan Application?

We offer online approvals for all loans and situations. All you have to do is indicate the type of loan you require on your enquiry form and our loan officers will assist you with the process.

Depending on your employment and financial status, some loans may be easier to obtain, such as a Payday Loan. For further enquiry, get in touch with one of our experienced officers.

Benefits of an Instant Online Loan in Singapore with 96bm Credit

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Instant Online Loans

How does an instant online loan in Singapore work?

Online loans allow you to make your first enquiry through a web form. Once your requirements and needs have been assessed, a loan officer will get in touch with you within 15 minutes to schedule an appointment in our office to complete the formalities, which include verification of your identity and credit assessment.

You can expect to receive the loan as quickly as possible after it is approved.

Am I eligible for a loan?

To be eligible for a loan, you will need to be:

Am I still eligible for a loan with a poor credit score?

Depending on the loan required, we do offer loans no matter the credit score. Get in touch with us for further enquiry.

How fast can I receive my loan?

Once you have signed your loan contract at our office, the funds will be immediately disbursed.

Bottom line: Is It Easy to Get an Instant Online Loan In Singapore?

Yes, you bet. It is easy to get an instant online loan in Singapore if you’re borrowing from a licensed money lender like 96bm Credit. We strive to get all your loan needs sorted out in as little time as possible. Contact us now!


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