Foreigner Loan

More Information On Why You Would Like To Get A Foreigner Loan in Singapore

Settling in a new country can often be very difficult. Beyond the obvious difficulty of having to adjust to a new language, a new culture and usually an entirely different legal system; there are other important challenges to face especially with adjusting to a whole new economic world system.

Sometimes, this transition is smooth and easy while at other times, it is not. The rocky times can be very difficult to face especially when one is all alone with no family or long term friends to rely on for financial support

96 Credit is a licensed money lender in Singapore who anticipates that financial needs are not unique to Singapore nationals. Therefore, we provide financial help in the form of personal loans to foreigners who are either living or working in Singapore. This service is called a foreigner loan. With the guarantee of high approval rates, flexible repayment schemes and a low interest rate; 96 Credit is the licensed moneylender you should trust for your cash loans in Singapore. You can rest assured that choosing 96 Credit for your loan needs is the best choice you can make. Allow us to entice you with our flexible repayment scheme options:


For every cash loan you receive, repayment can either be on a weekly basis or a biweekly basis or can be payday or monthly loan terms. These terms are all structured in such a way as to accommodate your preferences as loan repayment is concerned. We understand that some of our customers will prefer to split up their loan repayment into very small sums for their own comfort. For this category of people, we offer the weekly and the biweekly repayment systems which allow you to pay a certain fixed sum once every week (weekly basis) or twice every week (biweekly basis). For the other spectrum of customers who do not mind paying relatively large sums while repaying, the payday and the monthly loan repayment plans are just for you!

The payday loan is one which allows you to have a whole month’s worth of time in preparing for repayment. What that means is that if you take out a loan on the 17th of July, you get to repay the full loan with interest by 17th of July.

As far as the monthly loans are concerned, you have access to our most flexible and affordable loan deal. A monthly loan affords you the opportunity to take out a loan that is even three times your monthly income and the repayment plan is structured such that you return the money on a monthly installmental basis. We have a two to six months time frame you can choose to repay the loan.

To further explain what we have just said, here’s an example:

For a 2 month loan repayment term, you are allowed the option of being able to repay any loan plus interest you take out over the course of two months with two repayment dates. What that means is that a $1000 loan obtained on 16th of September will have two repayment dates which falls on the 16th of October and the 16th of November.

If you opt for a three month loan repayment option, you will be afforded the option to repay any loan plus interest you take out over the course of three months with three repayment dates. What that means is that a $1000 loan obtained on 16th of September will have three repayment dates which are 16th of October, the 16th of November and the 16th of December latest. Split repayments means that instead of having to pay a large loan within a small amount of time, you give yourself more time so you can make small affordable payments with a larger amount of time.

Is the foreigner loan flexible or not?


With such enticing offers, surely you must consider us your first choice in your loan need solutions.

Our interest rates are just as juicy as we charge as low as 1-4% per month. Details of the interest on your loan will be included in your contract when you come to our office to obtain a cash loan.

What is this contract?

When you come visit us for a loan, you will be attended to by professional and friendly loan officers. Our friendly, experienced and highly professional loan officers will guide you through the loan form application process. The details you need to provide them with just include of the kind of loan repayment plan that you want and the amount that you wish to receive as a cash loan as well as other details such as the clearance questions they will ask you. Depending on your level of income too, they will also need to verify that you are eligible for the amount of loan that you wish to take out. Once everything checks out, you will sign a contract and receive your cash loan after.

This process was designed to be as easy as possible and we expect that you should be done in only about twenty minutes.

Furthermore, we will require that you bring along with you some documents. These documents include:

Where to find us?

96 Credit is located at North Bridge Road/Lavender and the 96 Credit office can be found under Southbank condominium. This is just a walking distance from Lavender MRT (2 minutes walk from Lavender MRT, Take exit A).